We intend to once again* become the United Kingdom's largest political movement, representing the voice and views of patriotic, culturally conservative people, across the Union.

(* The League previously reached around 2,000,000 members)

Our Mission

To use our influence to continually promote and enhance the confidence, optimism, prosperity and security of all the people of the United Kingdom and His Majesty's realms and territories abroad.


Society, politics, the international context and some priorities have evolved significantly in the 140 years since the original Primrose League was founded. The objects of today's League reflect these changes and the context of the 21st century.


  • seek to preserve and maintain a strong and stable society under the banner of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • support and uphold our Constitutional Monarchy, traditional British principles, customs and culture and heritage in the face of a rising wave of socially divisive and unpatriotic activism
  • seek an independent, strengthened and influential place for the United Kingdom in the world that works constructively and in collaboration others on matters of common interest
  • believe the law must be equitable and applied without fear or favour
    promote and encourage meritocracy and secure, well managed borders
  • oppose any immigration system that places undue strain on our housing, services and infrastructure
  • seek unity amongst the British people and resist divisive identity politics
  • desire the United Kingdom to be a proud, outward-looking trading nation whose people continually grow in confidence, optimism, prosperity and security

We will encourage and support those parties and politicians who stand for these things and will oppose those who undermine them.

Our supporting objectives

Our objectives are to: 

  • Provide an effective voice to represent the interests of our members
  • bring that voice and the experience of our Leaders to bear on the conduct of public affairs for the common good (very minor change from 1883)
  • encourage and help our members to improve their professional competence as leaders (no change from 1883);
  • strive for the enhanced reputation, resilience, influence and prosperity of United Kingdom and all its people (new, replacing the concept of Empire);
  • promote the practice or meritocracy in society and resist the rise of identity politics and new socialism (new)
  • protect and preserve the principles, values, traditions, customs and culture that distinguish the British from other nations (altered)
The Primrose league Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 14776583
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