Why the Primrose?

There are three reasons why the Primrose was chosen by the League for its name and its symbol.

  1. The formation of the League was inspired by the politics of former prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield. In 1881 Queen Victoria sent a wreath of primroses, from her estate at Osborne, to his funeral. She attached a note to that wreath saying she was aware that the primrose was his favourite flower. Until the outbreak of WW1 many people marked the death of Disraeli by wearing primroses on their lapels on its anniversary on the 19th April.
  2. The primrose is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and takes its name from the Latin word for first, primula. Indeed the name Primula is the old one for the flower. As such, the Primrose has been taken to symbolise youth, renewal and optimism, which are all very relevant to what we need for our Nation.
  3. Although it grows across west and Southern Europe, the Primrose is a very British flower.

Is the Primrose League a political party?

No, we are not a political party. We are a national movement that seeks to provide a voice for our members strong enough to influence politics across the UK, to:

  1. further the interests of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  2. enhance the confidence, optimism, prosperity and security of the British people
  3. promote and protect Britain's history, heritage, culture and values.

Is the Primrose League affiliated to, or a supporter of a specific political party?

The League is not affiliated to, and does not support a specific political party as such. What we may do is publicly endorse a politician, party or policy as being in keeping with the objects of the Primrose League. We also run a fund to award grants towards the campaigns of such politicians, parties or policies.

Can politicians and members of the armed forces, emergency services or civil service join the Primrose League?

As far as the Primrose League is concerned, politicians, and members of the armed forces, emergency services and civil service are welcome. However, we recommend that you check your own organisation's rules on such things before joining. This is your responsibility.

Are Veterans welcome in the Primrose League?

Yes. If you have served with the regular or reserve forces of the United Kingdom or Commonwealth, you are very welcome. We offer specific categories of Associate, Member and Knight specifically for veterans (see under Join Here in the site menu).

The Primrose league Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 14776583
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