A voice

The natural place for those who are concerned about preserving British culture, heritage, traditions and pride should probably be the Conservative party. But conservatism has largely lost its definition, meaning and direction and has been subverted by liberals. This has given opportunity to socialists. 

A great many cultural conservatives, inside the Conservative Party and outside it, have been disappointed by the ideological bickering of the Party and the failure of its elected representatives to pay heed to the concerns of its members and the people. Furthermore, those of you who believe in Britain and voted for independence in law, government and public administration from the EU, have been left disappointed and worried that our national politicians have, so far, demonstrated little or no vision of a post-Brexit Briton and have treated Brexit as a risk mitigation exercise, rather as an opportunity. Lord Frost has said that ministers have lost their grip on Brexit, we say ministers never, yet, got a grip of Brexit.

It's time to change things. It's time to give those concerns a voice, define conservatism and boost pride and confidence in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland once again. 

That work, that political action, must be free of the influence of political parties, or it will be shaped by them and lose purpose.

Our antecedent movement was founded in 1883, at a time when there was a need to define conservatism, enhance the ascendancy of Britain and the Empire, strengthen and broaden democracy, counter the rising threat of socialism, and address social tensions - much as is the case today. At its height, the Primrose League had a membership of around 2 million, and soon became the principal home for patriots with culturally conservative beliefs, throughout the nation. 

The Primrose league Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 14776583
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