A great union; a team; an association of Britons

We believe Britain Is Great, but there's a great deal to be done. We also believe that problems present opportunities, and we believe in solutions. However, to bring about the changes that are needed, we must come together in a great union; a team, an association, a movement of Britons. We must provide our politicians ground truth and solutions, and strive to unite the Nation, rather than simply accept its increasingly woke and identity-based fragmentation. 

There have been calls for the various parties and politicians across the broad centre-right of British politics to come together in a new political party or coalition. But this is unlikely to happen until we have a system of proportional representation that would allow parties to work together on different issues. Until then, small parties are unlikely to achieve much more than a split in the vote. In any case, it is vision, direction, strategy, and statesman-like leadership that the Nation needs, not necessarily another party. 

So, we must come together, all of us - an association of those who believe in Britain -  whether members and supporters of political parties or not. We must do so constructively. We must do so openly. We must do so for Britain. We must debate, discuss, exchange opinions and ideas in a constructive, not adversarial forum. We must be honest, practical, realistic and must avoid highlighting problems without presenting solutions. Our politicians too often ignore reality, evade problems and lack solutions, so we must help them!

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